Obamacare Will Contribute Hugely to National Debt Crisis!

All too often we’re hearing conflicting numbers when Democrats talk about what some of their new programs will cost and how many people will be affected by it.  We hear that the “simple language” version of the healthcare bill will cost less than a trillion dollars…. but at the same time the full version will almost double that amount.  It’s the same bill with the same provisions – AND ultimately the same costs, but it allows them to present a lower cost to the ears of those who are looking for more palatable numbers.  You and I, however, are the ones that are going to have to come up with the real cost.  If we can’t, the debt will be carried over to our children and their children, and with the combined indebtedness of all of Obama’s programs, our grandchildren’s children.  And to just get caught up, folks, that would mean that the government would cease spending and implementing any new programs from here on out until the national debt is repaid.  That is not reality. 

We’re also learning that we’ll be paying the taxes to pay for this healthcare bill for years before it actually goes into effect.  So, let’s just think about this.  They’re projecting that healthcare in 2013 will cost less than $1 trillion on the low side and twice that or more on the higher side.  I once used the analogy that it’s like buying a car, paying for it for four years before you can ever drive it.  By the time you can drive it, its technology is outdated AND the purchase price doubled.  Think about that for a moment  WHY would anyone pay double for something that they can’t take advantage of in the very near future?  And even more, why would people want to pay for something that other people will be using as well – and some for no contribution to the cost?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

The cost of these latest programs that the Obama Administration is shoving through Congress is passed through the Congressional Budget Office.  This office is responsible for adding up the numbers to come up with the cost of these proposed programs.  However, they can only work with the information that is given them and sometimes they’re given incomplete information or proposals.  (Senator Baucus sent over a partial bill for them to figure the costs on so the numbers would fall below $1 trillion!)  Even though the Director of the CBO has made some public statements, we ordinary citizens aren’t usually privy to that information unless it’s televised on CSPAN and we happen to know when the Director will appear before some committee. 

So, if you’d like to hear from someone who know how these bills are calculated, here’s a former Director of the Congressional Budget of Office sharing her perspective on the proposed healthcare bill and its impact on YOU.


The debt for each person in the country for the national debt as of today is $39,054.98.  (THAT MEANS WHAT YOU OWE, what each person owes – including children and infants (calculate YOUR own family’s total!) – for the entitlements and government spending thus far!) If the taxman came knocking on your door to collect your portion of the national debt, how long would it take you to pay that amount? 

As Ms. O’Neill states, the national debt goes up another $5 million each day – just in interest.  So, we’re compounding that national debt number very rapidly and your amount owed continues to go up!  That $39,054.98 amount is also without including the cost of the healthcare overhaul (this healthcare bill) – let’s not deceive ourselves, it’s not reform, it’s overhaul! – and again, it doesn’t include the cost of Cap and Trade/Cap and Tax (Clean Energy legislation which is before the Senate) which will come to us not as “a tax” but come DIRECTLY out of each person’s pocket each and every month.  It will drive up simple day to day living expenses to levels which will be unsustainable for many Americans. 

During the Bush Administration, there was a term introduced, “fuzzy math”.  Bush may have coined the phrase, but the Obama Administration has certainly mastered it! 

It’s way past time to put the brakes on government spending.  The Congress doesn’t speak in millions of dollars anymore (that’s pocket change to them), or even billions of dollars  (that’s folding money – in small bills), but in TRILLIONS of dollars without the least hesitation and without acknowledgement that, though we’re considered a rich nation, we do not have that kind of money!  You are smart enough to know that if you don’t have money, you should not go on spending.  Why shouldn’t the government understand and adhere to the same?

It would be smarter and much wiser to slow things down, get the national debt reduced, make changes to the health care where there is an obvious need for change, and implement change as we can pay for them.  Our government should run its business like we should run our homes and businesses:  you pay as you go.  Congress, as you have observed, is not going to do that.  The Democrats are apparently “drunk” with the power of having control over the House, Senate, and the White House and they are not weighing the impact of their hugely expensive programs on the American people.  They’re “just making hay while the sun shines”, pushing through their ideaological legislation while they can. 

So it is up to you and me as voting citizens to communicate our concerns at the time of next elections and clearly send our message that they are not considering American’s interests and well-being or the country’s financial integrity in the global economy.  Congress and the White House need to understand that people have had enough of their extravagences and that they cannot label as extremists everyone who has deep concerns about where we’re headed as a nation.  If they don’t pay attention to the people, they must be made to pay with their political careers. 

(Note:  Here’s an excellent article by Rich Lowry on why healthcare issue should be slowed in the Senate:  http://tiny.cc/HPtrH.)


4 Responses to Obamacare Will Contribute Hugely to National Debt Crisis!

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  3. Alex says:

    Can you please go to http://defeatthedebt.com/help-us/ and sign their petition? Also can you donate some money to them too? they are going to march around the white house to convince the president to pay down the debt.

    Spread the word!

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