Obama’s Fuzzy Math

I don’t think anyone should be in the least surprised about the arbitrary (kindest word I could think of) numbers that are thrown around by Obama and his administration.

I mean, after all, during his campaign he said he visited ….. let’s see how many states was it he said?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws.  And how many jobs does his administration say they’ve saved with the Stimulus Package I?  

It is obvious that the only long term jobs (or positions) that have been created are those he created in government.  Most jobs that have been “created” on “main street America” are mostly temporary jobs and/or short-term project work.  Yet, the Administration’s website touts large numbers from mystical congressional districts all over the country that simply do not exist…. just like the promised jobs! Each of these jobs cost you the taxpayer an average of $173K.  And if a worker made as much as $53K for this job, where did the other $120K go?  And really…. you cannot count jobs saved! 

In regard to mystical healthcare numbers, Obama’s administration had said at first that there are from 46 to 47 million people in the US who are without health insurance.  Then somehow it became more like 30+ million.  So, who really knows?  Here are some of the factors that make determining this number difficult to pinpoint – but let’s illustrate worst-case scenario using numbers from 2007: 

Of the 46 million who the Administration claimed are uninsured, 6.4 million are already on government-funded healthcare program but consider themselves as non-insured.   One reason for this is that these people were automatically enrolled or pre-enrolled by a medical facility after receiving treatment at an emergency room or free clinic.  They may not be paying insurance premiums, but they certainly have access to medical care any time they need it!

Another group of 4.3 million people are eligible to go on a federally funded Medicaid or SCHIP or something similar, but they simply have not signed up.  If they were to go to a free clinic or emergency room, they, too, would automatically be shifted into the group above, and while they aren’t paying insurance premiums, they technically have no healthcare coverage risk.

Approximately 10 million are non-citizens.  How many of these are illegals is not known, but it would most likely be a staggering amount.

More than 10 million don’t fit into either of the above groups, but they have substantial incomes.  In fact, usually more than three times the poverty level.   Included in that group, as well, are single income earners whose income is over $30K per year, and a family of four has an income of more than $62,000 per year who simply have chosen not to acquire healthcare coverage or they may be influx between an old job and new job and are awaiting the new coverage to “kick in”.

From the remaining group, approximately 15.6 million, 5 million are adults between 18 and 34 without kids.  They are US citizens, some of whom fall below poverty level and somehow are not eligible for federally funded health insurance program, and most are not a childless adult between age 18-34.

So, given the above breakdown, we’re talking about only 15.6 million who currently may not have healthcare coverage because they cannot afford it or because they simply cannot get it.  These people should be the ones that the government focused on – the ones who need some kind of intervention for the Democrats to be satisfied that everyone had access to healthcare. 

But they aren’t satisfied… for two reasons.  Number one and most importantly, they don’t have control of the healthcare industry.  Don’t be fooled; that is their goal.  Second, they will be forcing those younger Americans who want to spend their money on something other than healthcare into a healthcare plan…. or be penalized.  Either way, the government is getting deeper into their pockets, too! (Plus stripping them of a personal choice.)

My math is not that great, but that appears to be that only about 5% of Americans are presently the ones who actually need healthcare coverage and cannot afford or obtain it.  YET, Harry Reid’s latest proposed Senate healthcare bill is being touted as covering 94% of Americans.  Does that mean the last group listed above will be left out – again?  How has that improved any situation for other Americans?  Isn’t this hoopla about healthcare reform then much ado — all for 1% of Americans?  Would somebody explain this in plain ENGLISH?


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