Though I’m an intensely private person, I’m otherwise just an ordinary American.  I have the same values and concerns as those who love this country and hold dear the principles upon which it was founded.  My heart’s desire is for generations that follow me to have the same freedoms,  the same values, the same opportunities that I have had.  Like many others, I have become more involved lately in expressing my opinion wherever possible, thus the reason for this blog.  It serves as a way for me to express my thoughts and heart on issues which greatly concern me.

As I said I’m just a normal person who enjoys classic rock music, the old classical masters, historical novels.  I have hobbies that have a lot of detail and which take a great deal of patience and concentration.  I’m easy to get along with, though I can be stubborn when I truly believe I’m right. 

I operate a small business service that provides virtual administrative support to entrepreneurs and other small business executives.   www.egarrett.services.officelive.com


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