Well, What Do You Think About This Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wait, you did ask a short question, right? Well, here’s my not so short answer: I could expound on this as most conservatives would, but I will say that I think that we are on a train where the conductor, the brakeman, and the engineer (you could use the analogy of these as the three branches of our government) are all in agreement to run the train (our country) completely off the track (our Constitution).

These are the same people that claim the Constitution is a “living document” that can and should be changed at will (theirs), and they are determined to design and implement one to suit their agenda. They do not believe in truth as an absolute – or for that matter, period! Truth is only a perception…. Depends on what the definition of “is” is! So it’s no wonder that they believe a Hawaiian hospital certificate of live birth should suffice as “proof of birth”. Yeah, Hawaii, we all know he was born… the question is WHERE. Our Constitution has a restriction in that regard.


Through ignorance or design, those who agree with the agenda proposed by the Obama Campaign, and now Obama Administration, have succeeded in achieving part of the extreme liberals’ agenda by getting a man elected who refuses to be “transparent” not only about his birth or about his education – but anything about his personal history for that matter.

His offshore birthplace would obviously set a precedent that one does not need to be born in the US to “rule the US”, and is, in essence, the first step in re-writing the Constitution. Breaking down the foundational principles of the Constitution, like this very thing, is what is necessary to begin the total transformation of the United States of America (the only campaign promise Obama really intends to keep). I believe that the “shady way” that this topic has been dealt with is akin to acknowledgement of the fact that he was not born in the US. Further, I believe that a lie or at least a half-truth is being perpetrated, and with that lie they are forcing a perception of what is true for this situation. (I feel a blog article topic of situational ethics coming on! ) Because of bogus “legalities” and roadblocks (read Holder), though, there is no way that there is going to be any serious action taken to clear up the matter until it is too late and the precedent is fully established. And you know what? The entrenched GOP is just as guilty as the Dems, because they run around paying verbal homage to the “birther” concerns and liberal agenda issues, but they don’t really and genuinely care.

It certainly doesn’t stop with where Obama was born. Taking over corporations, banks, and regulating Wall Street make up Step Two, and a big move toward Wealth Distribution. Then Obamacare, Socialized Medicine, is Step Three and takes the US into a Social State….. and so on and so on. So, now we are coming quickly to the end of the track… Nov 2, 2010! The results of the mid-term elections will determine whether we have the same nation that was founded in 1776, in my humble opinion.

Got on my soapbox a little.  Sorry.  Short answer: I know that I can recreate a document like the one in the picture with Photoshop and a typewriter, plus a couple other tools. The ONLY way to verify its authenticity is to compare Obama’s footprint to that one on the certificate, which he will gladly do to clear up the matter – when Arabs kiss a pig.


Obama’s Fuzzy Math

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don’t think anyone should be in the least surprised about the arbitrary (kindest word I could think of) numbers that are thrown around by Obama and his administration.

I mean, after all, during his campaign he said he visited ….. let’s see how many states was it he said?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws.  And how many jobs does his administration say they’ve saved with the Stimulus Package I?  

It is obvious that the only long term jobs (or positions) that have been created are those he created in government.  Most jobs that have been “created” on “main street America” are mostly temporary jobs and/or short-term project work.  Yet, the Administration’s website touts large numbers from mystical congressional districts all over the country that simply do not exist…. just like the promised jobs! Each of these jobs cost you the taxpayer an average of $173K.  And if a worker made as much as $53K for this job, where did the other $120K go?  And really…. you cannot count jobs saved! 

In regard to mystical healthcare numbers, Obama’s administration had said at first that there are from 46 to 47 million people in the US who are without health insurance.  Then somehow it became more like 30+ million.  So, who really knows?  Here are some of the factors that make determining this number difficult to pinpoint – but let’s illustrate worst-case scenario using numbers from 2007: 

Of the 46 million who the Administration claimed are uninsured, 6.4 million are already on government-funded healthcare program but consider themselves as non-insured.   One reason for this is that these people were automatically enrolled or pre-enrolled by a medical facility after receiving treatment at an emergency room or free clinic.  They may not be paying insurance premiums, but they certainly have access to medical care any time they need it!

Another group of 4.3 million people are eligible to go on a federally funded Medicaid or SCHIP or something similar, but they simply have not signed up.  If they were to go to a free clinic or emergency room, they, too, would automatically be shifted into the group above, and while they aren’t paying insurance premiums, they technically have no healthcare coverage risk.

Approximately 10 million are non-citizens.  How many of these are illegals is not known, but it would most likely be a staggering amount.

More than 10 million don’t fit into either of the above groups, but they have substantial incomes.  In fact, usually more than three times the poverty level.   Included in that group, as well, are single income earners whose income is over $30K per year, and a family of four has an income of more than $62,000 per year who simply have chosen not to acquire healthcare coverage or they may be influx between an old job and new job and are awaiting the new coverage to “kick in”.

From the remaining group, approximately 15.6 million, 5 million are adults between 18 and 34 without kids.  They are US citizens, some of whom fall below poverty level and somehow are not eligible for federally funded health insurance program, and most are not a childless adult between age 18-34.

So, given the above breakdown, we’re talking about only 15.6 million who currently may not have healthcare coverage because they cannot afford it or because they simply cannot get it.  These people should be the ones that the government focused on – the ones who need some kind of intervention for the Democrats to be satisfied that everyone had access to healthcare. 

But they aren’t satisfied… for two reasons.  Number one and most importantly, they don’t have control of the healthcare industry.  Don’t be fooled; that is their goal.  Second, they will be forcing those younger Americans who want to spend their money on something other than healthcare into a healthcare plan…. or be penalized.  Either way, the government is getting deeper into their pockets, too! (Plus stripping them of a personal choice.)

My math is not that great, but that appears to be that only about 5% of Americans are presently the ones who actually need healthcare coverage and cannot afford or obtain it.  YET, Harry Reid’s latest proposed Senate healthcare bill is being touted as covering 94% of Americans.  Does that mean the last group listed above will be left out – again?  How has that improved any situation for other Americans?  Isn’t this hoopla about healthcare reform then much ado — all for 1% of Americans?  Would somebody explain this in plain ENGLISH?

Obamacare Will Contribute Hugely to National Debt Crisis!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

All too often we’re hearing conflicting numbers when Democrats talk about what some of their new programs will cost and how many people will be affected by it.  We hear that the “simple language” version of the healthcare bill will cost less than a trillion dollars…. but at the same time the full version will almost double that amount.  It’s the same bill with the same provisions – AND ultimately the same costs, but it allows them to present a lower cost to the ears of those who are looking for more palatable numbers.  You and I, however, are the ones that are going to have to come up with the real cost.  If we can’t, the debt will be carried over to our children and their children, and with the combined indebtedness of all of Obama’s programs, our grandchildren’s children.  And to just get caught up, folks, that would mean that the government would cease spending and implementing any new programs from here on out until the national debt is repaid.  That is not reality. 

We’re also learning that we’ll be paying the taxes to pay for this healthcare bill for years before it actually goes into effect.  So, let’s just think about this.  They’re projecting that healthcare in 2013 will cost less than $1 trillion on the low side and twice that or more on the higher side.  I once used the analogy that it’s like buying a car, paying for it for four years before you can ever drive it.  By the time you can drive it, its technology is outdated AND the purchase price doubled.  Think about that for a moment  WHY would anyone pay double for something that they can’t take advantage of in the very near future?  And even more, why would people want to pay for something that other people will be using as well – and some for no contribution to the cost?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

The cost of these latest programs that the Obama Administration is shoving through Congress is passed through the Congressional Budget Office.  This office is responsible for adding up the numbers to come up with the cost of these proposed programs.  However, they can only work with the information that is given them and sometimes they’re given incomplete information or proposals.  (Senator Baucus sent over a partial bill for them to figure the costs on so the numbers would fall below $1 trillion!)  Even though the Director of the CBO has made some public statements, we ordinary citizens aren’t usually privy to that information unless it’s televised on CSPAN and we happen to know when the Director will appear before some committee. 

So, if you’d like to hear from someone who know how these bills are calculated, here’s a former Director of the Congressional Budget of Office sharing her perspective on the proposed healthcare bill and its impact on YOU.


The debt for each person in the country for the national debt as of today is $39,054.98.  (THAT MEANS WHAT YOU OWE, what each person owes – including children and infants (calculate YOUR own family’s total!) – for the entitlements and government spending thus far!) If the taxman came knocking on your door to collect your portion of the national debt, how long would it take you to pay that amount? 

As Ms. O’Neill states, the national debt goes up another $5 million each day – just in interest.  So, we’re compounding that national debt number very rapidly and your amount owed continues to go up!  That $39,054.98 amount is also without including the cost of the healthcare overhaul (this healthcare bill) – let’s not deceive ourselves, it’s not reform, it’s overhaul! – and again, it doesn’t include the cost of Cap and Trade/Cap and Tax (Clean Energy legislation which is before the Senate) which will come to us not as “a tax” but come DIRECTLY out of each person’s pocket each and every month.  It will drive up simple day to day living expenses to levels which will be unsustainable for many Americans. 

During the Bush Administration, there was a term introduced, “fuzzy math”.  Bush may have coined the phrase, but the Obama Administration has certainly mastered it! 

It’s way past time to put the brakes on government spending.  The Congress doesn’t speak in millions of dollars anymore (that’s pocket change to them), or even billions of dollars  (that’s folding money – in small bills), but in TRILLIONS of dollars without the least hesitation and without acknowledgement that, though we’re considered a rich nation, we do not have that kind of money!  You are smart enough to know that if you don’t have money, you should not go on spending.  Why shouldn’t the government understand and adhere to the same?

It would be smarter and much wiser to slow things down, get the national debt reduced, make changes to the health care where there is an obvious need for change, and implement change as we can pay for them.  Our government should run its business like we should run our homes and businesses:  you pay as you go.  Congress, as you have observed, is not going to do that.  The Democrats are apparently “drunk” with the power of having control over the House, Senate, and the White House and they are not weighing the impact of their hugely expensive programs on the American people.  They’re “just making hay while the sun shines”, pushing through their ideaological legislation while they can. 

So it is up to you and me as voting citizens to communicate our concerns at the time of next elections and clearly send our message that they are not considering American’s interests and well-being or the country’s financial integrity in the global economy.  Congress and the White House need to understand that people have had enough of their extravagences and that they cannot label as extremists everyone who has deep concerns about where we’re headed as a nation.  If they don’t pay attention to the people, they must be made to pay with their political careers. 

(Note:  Here’s an excellent article by Rich Lowry on why healthcare issue should be slowed in the Senate:  http://tiny.cc/HPtrH.)

Is ObamaCare DOA at Senate?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So, the House squeaked out enough votes to pass their horrendous healthcare bill against the wishes of the majority of Americans.  I had assumed it primarily had to do with the fact that the uber-liberals were just hell-bent on pushing through their agenda based upon their socialistic ideals, or that they were running on the stale “mandate” of 2008 Obama campaign.  However, the polls suggest that Americans have changed their mind on Obama’s change!

So, that gave me pause to think, why would so-called “intelligent” people and large organizations be in favor of this vastly aggressive bill.  I happened on to an article that Dick Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, wrote on The Hill.  Now, I’m not necessarily a big fan of Dick Morris.  I’m always suspicious of someone who changes political allegiances, and especially when they change back again.  In this case Dick was a Republican who went over to the left to work for Clinton, and now is on the right again.  In fact, I have about as much respect for him as I do Arlen Specter.

However, in their article, Morris and McGann did shed some light on that nagging questions.  They claim that there was some “bribery” involved.  I must say that makes sense.  But, isn’t that “business as usual” that Washington is known for and what Obama vowed to change?  Oh,but  no, it wasn’t that kind of Washington change he meant, was it?   He meant that he would have a sub-cabinet that that was neither elected or approved, that wasn’t answerable to Congress, and that had no restrictions upon them – but that’s for another time.

In today’s blog I’m dealing with why would groups like AMA and AARP be in favor of Obamacare.  Morris and McGann pointed out that there was a little wheeling and dealing in a back room at the White House. 

Morris and McGann stated that the AMA, under the current law, was facing a 21% cut in physicians’ Medicare reimbursements that have accumulated over year after year rather than being repealed by Congress.  Obama promised to kill the cut if they would endorse his bill.   (Ah, now that makes some sense…. and perhaps why the trustees okayed the endorsement without the support of the membership.) 

Likewise, AARP apparently got a financial windfall for their support as well.  It appears that they are doing like some of the non-banks that are now banks.  That is to say, they dabbled in insurance through their subsidiary company, so they are morphing from an advocacy group into a full-fledged insurance.  They had their own Medi-gap insurance which is costly for seniors.  This Medi-gap picked up where Medicare left off… but Bush passed Medicare Advantage program.  It did the same thing, but at a lower cost.  (And where was it now that Obama was going to cut Medicare to pay for his plan?  Oh, yeah, Medicare Advantage!  Hmm.  That eliminates competition for AARP, doesn’t it?)

But there’s one other entity that I had questions about and not a lot has been said about it.  That is the negotiated deal between Obama and the drug companies.   So, what kind of deal did Obama do for them?  Well, let’s see… Morris and McGann say in their article that for backing his ObamaCare bill, the drug industry could get a 10-year limit of something in the neighborhood of $80 billion on prescription drug costs, plus there would be a ban on imported Canadian drugs, and the drug industry was to also make their huge advertising budget available to the Obama Administration.

So, who are the other winners?  How about the Insurance industry itself.  I haven’t heard them screaming bloody murder about this governmental competition.   Perhaps that because they will have potentially 40 million new customers whose premiums will be paid by the government.  But wait, they were perhaps a little premature in their elation.  It appears that the honeymoon with ObamaCare ended when the Senate Finance Committee bill lowered the penalty from $3,500 to $1,500.  That meant that the penalty was more affordable than their insurance premiums.

Among the losers in this scenario is the industry that makes medical devices.  They wouldn’t go along with ObamaCare and it’s cost them.  The BaucuScare bill imposed a tax on their devices.  These include arterial stents, prosthetics, hip and knee joints, pacemakers, and automated wheelchairs.

Now that these facts have come to light, people are becoming better informed than ever before and the Senate needs to understand that when Americans say they don’t want ObamaCare, they mean it!  If they don’t listen, the American people will be the real losers here.  They will lose the quality of care that is the envy of the whole world.  They will lose the right to choose their insurance coverage, to choose their doctor, and to choose the type of medication and/or treatment.

Pelosi’s HR3962 Is Worst Socialist Legislation – EVER!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you’re looking for more deficit spending and higher taxes for everyone, increased costs for insurance coverage, rationed care (particularly for elderly and the sick), a long waiting period for coverage under the new healthcare plan for those with pre-existing conditions, and “creative” (if not illegal) Congressional accounting, then The Pelosi healthcare bill has it all!  The health bill she unveiled last Thursday (and which President Obama quickly proclaimed a “critical milestone”)  is probably the worst piece of socialist legislation ever introduced and, quite frankly, forced upon Americans. 

Rumor has it that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said to her fellow Democrats that she is “all in” and prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it will take to pass ObamaCare.  Well, if that’s the case, I say let her’s be the first one to go!  (No single person should have as much power as she THINKS she has.   She’s got the representatives in the House by the  — well, she’d got them literally dominated!) 

The Democrats under Pelosi’s dictatorship leadership are no longer even making the pretense of wanting “bipartisan” support for this bill.  Instead they are using pure political power plays to shove through what is probably an unrepealable middle-class entitlement that will continue to expand over time and raise taxes steeply.  This ObamaCare will expand government control of healthcare, and that means that all medical care will be administered through the Congress – what kind of healthcare, how much healthcare, who gets it and who doesn’t, how much it costs, etc.  Do you really want some other Congressman or Senator from some other state having a say in meeting your health care needs?

It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democrats have begun such a purely political power play, especially with the unpopularity of their own agenda.  People from all political positions are expressing great concern over this governmental seizure of this large portion of the nation’s economy.  But the goal of these liberal (and wimpy moderate) Democrats is to ram through this part of Obama’s overall income-redistribution plan.  It’s all about gaining more CONTROL in every aspect of American lives.  

Congress claims that  HR 3962 is “universal coverage” – but keep in mind they have admitted that it’s still NOT going to cover everyone.  The actual result if this is passed will be destruction of the world’s best healthcare system, of our country’s fiscal stability, of private industries, of opportunities for prosperity, and ultimately, the personal freedoms fo every American.

This proposed legislation that Pelosi is ramming through the House with super-sonic speed costs considerably more than it was supposed to.  It costs even more than the HR 3200! And again,  it doesn’t even offer healthcare to everyone – as the Obama campaign promised.  It does NOTHING to change the things that are wrong with the present system.  Instead it creates the framework for even more problems — in spades!  And further, as we have seen time and time again, the estimated costs of government programs are always only a portion of its actual costs.  This bill was supposed to come in at around $900 billion or Obama wouldn’t sign it.  But it’s now well over $1 trillion at this writing and he doesn’t sound hesitant at all in his praises of this bill!  (Some have calculated that over 10 years, this bill will have a price tag of $2.4 trillion!) 

(Note:  Remember how Obama used the “Republicans/Bush’s deficit” as a talking point in his campaign and how he was going to turn it around… well, instead he has created a mountain of debt that makes the Bush deficit look like a tiny blip on the deficit screen – and he isn’t through – the Cap and Tax is working its way through the Senate now!)

“House Call” on Washington

Tens of thousands of people marched on the House on Thursday at noon to protest this healthcare legislation.  (Interesting how no one will give a solid estimate of how many people there really were, but it was literally a sea of people encompassing the Congressional buildings.  But if Code Pink were to stage a protest, they’d have a pretty good headcount and post that amount (times 100 – or 1000!)  Regardless, the message from these people is that this bill is a piece of crap!  If you asked people in that group if they believed that we need healthcare reform, most of them would say that we do.  However, they don’t want an overhaul.   They would tell you, “Let’s fix what is wrong with the one we have!”

Sure our present system has flaws – that is something that no one disputes.  But we have identified where the problems are and everyone in Congress knows where they are.  The FIRST flaw is that we don’t have a cap on non-economic compensation when there is a malpractice lawsuit.  Everyone also knows that the lobbyists for trial lawyers have paid off most if not all of our lawmakers.  Suspiciously, this is the one segment of professionals that have had absolutely no comment or been seen taking a position during this hotly contested debate, but if we really fixed what was wrong with our present healthcare system, they certainly have a dog in the hunt.

Like Rats From a Sinking Ship!  (After the public spoke in NJ and VA!)

The voices of the “tens of thousands” is being heard, though.  The Blue Dogs saw what happened in Virginia and New Jersey last week.  On the heels of that demonstration, they saw how quickly a very large group of people could be called to and attend a march on Congress.  Now, they’re considering their options.  Some are wring their hands moaning, “What to do, what to do.”  The question is are they more afraid of Nancy Pelosi – or their constituents!  Will they “walk the plank” for Ms. Pelosi and the trial lawyer lobby? 

Not only are the Blue Dogs in a quandary about which side they’re willing to commit to,  the members of AMA (American Medical Association) who Obama proclaimed again this week supported his Obamacare, are now saying that the AMA should not be supporting the House’s health care plan because the issue of endorsement hadn’t been formally approved by the membership. 

Actually, it was a board of trustees for the AMA that made the endorsement without taking an official vote among the members of the organization.  This week, there’s been some developing outrage among AMA members who feel like this endorsement was made against the general consensus of the AMA’s members.  So, in a few days, probably on Monday, the members will cast a vote on a resolution that could officially reverse the AMA’s Obamacare endorsement.  (Note:  If Pelosi gets her way this weekend, though, it’s too late in the game to be withdrawing a much-publicized endorsement and would be nothing less than a token gesture.  Where have the AMA members been all this time???  Have they, too, seen the handwriting on the wall?)

Healthcare Insurance – It Should Be Your Responsibility!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I really take issue with the absurdity that under the Baucus healthcare plan people MUST buy health insurance or face penalty of up to $1900 annually and possible imprisonment of up to one year for failure to do so.  (Can you say, “Bought and paid for by insurance lobbyists”?)  And there’s NO TORT REFORM.  Can you say, “Bought and paid for by trial lawyers?”)   The argument that the liberal idiots use for required insurance coverage is that automobile insurance is mandatory.  While that might be true in some places, not everyone owns a car to insure!  So, it’s NOT mandatory for everyone, now is it?  (Why can’t the liberals use good illustrations?  For instance, US Post office and Medicare is what they’ve listed as successful government-run programs – yeah, right!  They’ve been operating in the red, well – forever!  That should give you a good idea of how the healthcare system would be run, huh?)

In my opinion it is an individual’s responsibility to either pay insurance premiums to cover their medical emergencies, or pay for the emergencies when they occur, or perhaps a combination of both of them.  It’s not an impossible idea.  I have been included somewhere within the “middle class” most of my adult life, usually closer to the bottom.  There have been times when money was so tight that I couldn’t pay for some of the nice things I wanted.  So, I waited until I could afford it; but I always had insurance to cover in case of emergencies.  When we started our family, the health insurance we carried paid a flat fee of $250 for pregnancy.  That didn’t even cover the doctor’s expense.  So, we were on the hook for the rest of his fee plus the hospital expenses as well.  Whenever we did apply for federal or state assistance, we were qualified as far as our income was concerned, but – and here’s how it has been all our lives – we didn’t have enough DEPENDENTS to fit the federal or state assistance programs criteria.  (Hmmm.  It’s a  little like trying to get your first job and being turned down because you have no experience.)

 BUT, here’s the difference in how we as a couple handled our medical situations:  we accepted our responsibility!  Plain and simple.  We took the initiative to get insurance coverage, to save some money for the emergency, or else workout payment plans with the doctor and the hospital to pay monthly payments until the balance was paid off.  And that also meant that we didn’t run up credit cards for “stuff” we wanted while we were paying off our debt.  We understood that the debt was our own.  Not one cent was paid by taxpayers.  Not one cent was written off by either the doctor or the hospital.  That’s taking responsibility for yourself!  That’s what it means to not be a burden on anyone.

And so this is how we have lived our lives for all these years.  If we want to buy something expensive we either make sure we have cash on hand to pay for it, or if we want to charge it, we look at our budget and see if we can work it into the budget and make the payments (and not just the minimum payment, either!) – before we buy it.  That’s called being responsible adults…. that’s what makes a responsible society.

Somewhere along the way people failed have to teach that principle to their children.  And so the Socialists have been right there to implement their strategies to collect more taxes from the responsible adults to pay for programs to pay for the necessities of those who were irresponsible.  It has been the Socialist’s purpose to enslave everyone by making them dependent upon the government, and yes, people have played right into their hands by teaching their children to “get what they can, any way they can”.  People now believe that they’re “entitled” to whatever they want whenever they want it, and the cost will be born by taxpayers!

Those who have become enslaved to government programs have taught their children that it is the government’s job to take care of them and there would be no backlash if they took all they could from the government.  And so that’s what the government has been doing – to the tune of $14 TRILLION in debt at this point, plus the trillions in unfunded debt.  And it’s not over yet – or is it?  I’d say that is up to those who want to be responsible and accountable citizens, those who don’t want to take from the government until the government becomes the slave of yet another government…. otherwise, that’s where we’re headed, folks!  That’s where we’re headed!

No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors —

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Or do they?  You know politicians like to talk – a lot. And those who work with them seem to always be jockeying for position and/or attention. So, if you just get people to talking, you’re bound to find out something that “the powers that be” wouldn’t want you to know.

The Obama Administration has claimed the endorsement of the AMA for Obama’s healthcare reform, but as many physicians will tell you, most practicing physicians are not members of the AMA.  Do you remember the staged doctors’ meeting in the Rose Garden at the White House?  Where the hundred or so doctors were given white lab coats to wear so they would “look” like doctors?  Nice photo op – except the there weren’t any hospital or practice logos or names embroidered on them and the unfortunate pictures of staff handing out lab coats didn’t lend any credibility to the effect, either.   If one was so inclined, they could assume (as seen from the back anyway) that these may have been lab techs — or butchers from local grocery stores!  Apparently that gathering wasn’t an accurate representation of a wide-ranging support of physicians for Obamacare. 

As you know, the Senate elite plus Rahm Emanuel have been holed up behind closed doors  – and EVERYONE knows this is in direct opposition to the promise of total transparency Candidate Obama promised (everything would be on CSPAN – indeed!) –  trying to hammer out a Senate healthcare bill that will be acceptable to the wary moderates in the Senate.  On Day Seven of the closed door sessions, the White House and the Senate leaders came up with this brilliant idea of ordering Congress to pass a $247 billion bill (S1776) as a payoff to doctors to try and gain their support for this comprehensive healthcare reform. 

In regards to the “Secret Bill”, as reported by The Hill, “The White House and Democratic leaders are offering doctors a deal:  They’ll freeze cuts in Medicare payments to doctors in exchange for doctor’s support of health care reform.”  The $247 billion “Doc Fix” bill totally excluded any public debate, or for that matter, any public knowledge.  This “secret” bill was designed to get a large block of physician support – only it didn’t work as planned and Harry Reid blames the AMA, though not by name.   (Apparently the AMA lobbyists were supposed to “deliver” about two dozen Republican votes for this bill, but that didn’t materialize even though some Republican Senators have supported short-term freezes to Medicare cuts in the past.)

Physicians have been forced to take cuts in medicare payments for quite some time and now a promised half-trillion dollars more in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid over the next ten years.  The only place that cuts can come from is from the payout to doctors who are treating Medicare and Medicaid recipients.  However, I would imagine that the doctors would much rather see the Medicare/Medicaid payment structure be a part of the reform and not be the “backbone” of how Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan to pay for their healthcare system. 

Anyway, this week the Senate used cloture to bring the “Doc Fix” Bill S1776 to a vote, but it failed 47 to 53.  So, it looks to me like perhaps our lawmakers are aware that the public has become more enlightened about what is going on in Washington and ordinary citizens have become focused on their legislative activities. Perhaps this closer scrutiny and the sharing of information between people and groups are making lawmakers squirm a bit when it comes to ramming something like this “Doc Fix” bill through without much semblance of debate or use of “legal trickery” to move a bill through quickly…. afterall, it is their political futures that are on the line!