How Healthcare Works, and Why You Should Care

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I haven’t been able to keep posting to my blog for the last few months because I found one of those “non-existent” jobs… or rather it found me… and it has consumed all my time and energy.  This new job happens to be in the medical field, an area that I have never worked in before.  It has been interesting to be on the inside (in light of the healthcare debate now raging!) and to get glimpses of what is really going on.  Not only have I learned how to do my job, I have been exposed to the hierarchy of the medical world and can comment more knowledgeably than I once could.

I work for a physician and here is what I have discovered.  The physician can only charge fees based upon a CPT code, which is owned by the AMA (American Medical Association).  Interestingly, only a small percentage of physicians in the US are actual members of this organization, and I’ve been told that many of those are in the area of research or teaching rather than actual practice.  The physicians are required to pay a licensing fee for the use of the codes.  It is also interesting that there are no other options.  I believe that is called a monopoly!  (By the way, do you remember the backroom deal that Obama had with the AMA EARLY ON in the healthcare debate?  Don’t you wonder what was negotiated at that time?)

Then there are the insurance companies that come along and create “service networks” and recruit physicians to join the network by enticing them to take less than the AMA’s established fees.  The insurance companies get that portion of the cut, and I don’t know the percentage the insurance companies get, but you can bet your first born that they get quite a lot since insurance companies constitute a large portion of our economy.  And do you remember the backroom deals with Obama  on lowering premiums on healthcare.  Of course, they would negotiate on that.  It opens up the field for them to get more patients into their pipeline!)

Each negotiated network is different, but I believe that you can estimate that the doctor’s fees, as ascribed by the AMA, is cut by about 30 to 35%, sometimes as much as 80%, depending upon the procedure.  Then Medicare and Medicaid come in and chop the AMA fees right off the top by two-thirds.  What I found out over the past few months, especially in regard to the Medicare and Medicaid issue, is that in addition to that original chop, the rates they will be paid have been reduced by another 21% from their “regular rates”.  

What the Obama healthcare plan would do is, in essence, make all healthcare a Medicare/Medicaid program.  If doctors cannot make any money at 20% of what the AMA has determined as the fees, what doctor would want to remain in the profession?  And where is the incentive to continue their education, to remain current in the latest techniques and procedures.  That is expensive and time consuming.  They would not be able to afford the staff they need to run their practices.  There is a trickle effect in question here the same as there is an any business.  

So, as I have been observing the healthcare issue from an “inside vantage point”, I am beginning to see that it’s not the doctors who are the villains in the healthcare issue, but rather the victims.  Of course doctors make a good salary, but it’s due to volume of patients, not the cost to the patients, where they receive their salaries.  Another thing I’ve noticed in this particular doctor’s practice is that more than 50% of the patients are Medicare patients.  His income on these patients in only one-third of what he is supposed to make.  (And the government wants EVERYONE in the US on a Medicare/Medicaid-type system!  No wonder many physicians have threatened to leave their profession if this healthcare reform is passed.  Who could blame them?)

I could go on with the above explanation, but I don’t want to make this long and drawn out.  It does substantiate what I have said before in my blog, and what I’ve read in other blogs, the problem doesn’t lie in the “healthcare” provided.  The US still has the best  healthcare in the world.  Rather, the problem lies in the system.  Presently the system is a monopoly run by the AMA, complicated by the insurance industry, and though I haven’t touched on this part of the equation, inflamed by the legal profession who are so eager to litigate and courts who award unreasonable settlements.  These are the factors that contribute to the high cost of our healthcare and the issues that really need to be addressed.  So, do we want to trade that for a government-run system as based upon the Medicare/Medicaid model, which is broken and corrupt?

In my opinion to mess with  healthcare itself is a gross mistake.  But what really needs to be addressed, and yea, even fixed, is the problems which lie within the system that behind our healthcare.  That’s where the greed lies.  That’s where the problems are.  If the US government wanted to, they could get that under control, break the monopoly the AMA has on healthcare services provided, address the tort reform issue, then the whole issue of medical care would be just as the rest of the free market – healthily (pardon the pun) competitive.  The GOP has been saying, and people are beginning to listen, that the government isn’t interested in affordable healthcare in spite of what they’re saying.  They’re interested in controlling healthcare.  Healthcare is one of the more intimate and private areas of our lives.  So, we as voters MUST think long and hard about this issue.  Do we REALLY want to have the government involved in the most intimate and personal aspect of our daily lives?


Obama’s Fuzzy Math

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don’t think anyone should be in the least surprised about the arbitrary (kindest word I could think of) numbers that are thrown around by Obama and his administration.

I mean, after all, during his campaign he said he visited ….. let’s see how many states was it he said?  And how many jobs does his administration say they’ve saved with the Stimulus Package I?  

It is obvious that the only long term jobs (or positions) that have been created are those he created in government.  Most jobs that have been “created” on “main street America” are mostly temporary jobs and/or short-term project work.  Yet, the Administration’s website touts large numbers from mystical congressional districts all over the country that simply do not exist…. just like the promised jobs! Each of these jobs cost you the taxpayer an average of $173K.  And if a worker made as much as $53K for this job, where did the other $120K go?  And really…. you cannot count jobs saved! 

In regard to mystical healthcare numbers, Obama’s administration had said at first that there are from 46 to 47 million people in the US who are without health insurance.  Then somehow it became more like 30+ million.  So, who really knows?  Here are some of the factors that make determining this number difficult to pinpoint – but let’s illustrate worst-case scenario using numbers from 2007: 

Of the 46 million who the Administration claimed are uninsured, 6.4 million are already on government-funded healthcare program but consider themselves as non-insured.   One reason for this is that these people were automatically enrolled or pre-enrolled by a medical facility after receiving treatment at an emergency room or free clinic.  They may not be paying insurance premiums, but they certainly have access to medical care any time they need it!

Another group of 4.3 million people are eligible to go on a federally funded Medicaid or SCHIP or something similar, but they simply have not signed up.  If they were to go to a free clinic or emergency room, they, too, would automatically be shifted into the group above, and while they aren’t paying insurance premiums, they technically have no healthcare coverage risk.

Approximately 10 million are non-citizens.  How many of these are illegals is not known, but it would most likely be a staggering amount.

More than 10 million don’t fit into either of the above groups, but they have substantial incomes.  In fact, usually more than three times the poverty level.   Included in that group, as well, are single income earners whose income is over $30K per year, and a family of four has an income of more than $62,000 per year who simply have chosen not to acquire healthcare coverage or they may be influx between an old job and new job and are awaiting the new coverage to “kick in”.

From the remaining group, approximately 15.6 million, 5 million are adults between 18 and 34 without kids.  They are US citizens, some of whom fall below poverty level and somehow are not eligible for federally funded health insurance program, and most are not a childless adult between age 18-34.

So, given the above breakdown, we’re talking about only 15.6 million who currently may not have healthcare coverage because they cannot afford it or because they simply cannot get it.  These people should be the ones that the government focused on – the ones who need some kind of intervention for the Democrats to be satisfied that everyone had access to healthcare. 

But they aren’t satisfied… for two reasons.  Number one and most importantly, they don’t have control of the healthcare industry.  Don’t be fooled; that is their goal.  Second, they will be forcing those younger Americans who want to spend their money on something other than healthcare into a healthcare plan…. or be penalized.  Either way, the government is getting deeper into their pockets, too! (Plus stripping them of a personal choice.)

My math is not that great, but that appears to be that only about 5% of Americans are presently the ones who actually need healthcare coverage and cannot afford or obtain it.  YET, Harry Reid’s latest proposed Senate healthcare bill is being touted as covering 94% of Americans.  Does that mean the last group listed above will be left out – again?  How has that improved any situation for other Americans?  Isn’t this hoopla about healthcare reform then much ado — all for 1% of Americans?  Would somebody explain this in plain ENGLISH?

Obamacare Will Contribute Hugely to National Debt Crisis!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

All too often we’re hearing conflicting numbers when Democrats talk about what some of their new programs will cost and how many people will be affected by it.  We hear that the “simple language” version of the healthcare bill will cost less than a trillion dollars…. but at the same time the full version will almost double that amount.  It’s the same bill with the same provisions – AND ultimately the same costs, but it allows them to present a lower cost to the ears of those who are looking for more palatable numbers.  You and I, however, are the ones that are going to have to come up with the real cost.  If we can’t, the debt will be carried over to our children and their children, and with the combined indebtedness of all of Obama’s programs, our grandchildren’s children.  And to just get caught up, folks, that would mean that the government would cease spending and implementing any new programs from here on out until the national debt is repaid.  That is not reality. 

We’re also learning that we’ll be paying the taxes to pay for this healthcare bill for years before it actually goes into effect.  So, let’s just think about this.  They’re projecting that healthcare in 2013 will cost less than $1 trillion on the low side and twice that or more on the higher side.  I once used the analogy that it’s like buying a car, paying for it for four years before you can ever drive it.  By the time you can drive it, its technology is outdated AND the purchase price doubled.  Think about that for a moment  WHY would anyone pay double for something that they can’t take advantage of in the very near future?  And even more, why would people want to pay for something that other people will be using as well – and some for no contribution to the cost?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

The cost of these latest programs that the Obama Administration is shoving through Congress is passed through the Congressional Budget Office.  This office is responsible for adding up the numbers to come up with the cost of these proposed programs.  However, they can only work with the information that is given them and sometimes they’re given incomplete information or proposals.  (Senator Baucus sent over a partial bill for them to figure the costs on so the numbers would fall below $1 trillion!)  Even though the Director of the CBO has made some public statements, we ordinary citizens aren’t usually privy to that information unless it’s televised on CSPAN and we happen to know when the Director will appear before some committee. 

So, if you’d like to hear from someone who know how these bills are calculated, here’s a former Director of the Congressional Budget of Office sharing her perspective on the proposed healthcare bill and its impact on YOU.

The debt for each person in the country for the national debt as of today is $39,054.98.  (THAT MEANS WHAT YOU OWE, what each person owes – including children and infants (calculate YOUR own family’s total!) – for the entitlements and government spending thus far!) If the taxman came knocking on your door to collect your portion of the national debt, how long would it take you to pay that amount? 

As Ms. O’Neill states, the national debt goes up another $5 million each day – just in interest.  So, we’re compounding that national debt number very rapidly and your amount owed continues to go up!  That $39,054.98 amount is also without including the cost of the healthcare overhaul (this healthcare bill) – let’s not deceive ourselves, it’s not reform, it’s overhaul! – and again, it doesn’t include the cost of Cap and Trade/Cap and Tax (Clean Energy legislation which is before the Senate) which will come to us not as “a tax” but come DIRECTLY out of each person’s pocket each and every month.  It will drive up simple day to day living expenses to levels which will be unsustainable for many Americans. 

During the Bush Administration, there was a term introduced, “fuzzy math”.  Bush may have coined the phrase, but the Obama Administration has certainly mastered it! 

It’s way past time to put the brakes on government spending.  The Congress doesn’t speak in millions of dollars anymore (that’s pocket change to them), or even billions of dollars  (that’s folding money – in small bills), but in TRILLIONS of dollars without the least hesitation and without acknowledgement that, though we’re considered a rich nation, we do not have that kind of money!  You are smart enough to know that if you don’t have money, you should not go on spending.  Why shouldn’t the government understand and adhere to the same?

It would be smarter and much wiser to slow things down, get the national debt reduced, make changes to the health care where there is an obvious need for change, and implement change as we can pay for them.  Our government should run its business like we should run our homes and businesses:  you pay as you go.  Congress, as you have observed, is not going to do that.  The Democrats are apparently “drunk” with the power of having control over the House, Senate, and the White House and they are not weighing the impact of their hugely expensive programs on the American people.  They’re “just making hay while the sun shines”, pushing through their ideaological legislation while they can. 

So it is up to you and me as voting citizens to communicate our concerns at the time of next elections and clearly send our message that they are not considering American’s interests and well-being or the country’s financial integrity in the global economy.  Congress and the White House need to understand that people have had enough of their extravagences and that they cannot label as extremists everyone who has deep concerns about where we’re headed as a nation.  If they don’t pay attention to the people, they must be made to pay with their political careers. 

(Note:  Here’s an excellent article by Rich Lowry on why healthcare issue should be slowed in the Senate:

Abortion in a Legislative Disappearing Act

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Now You See It – Now You Don’t – Now You See It!
First abortion coverage was included in the House healthcare bill, then it was until Stupak Amendment clarified that it would not be covered, and then …
In regard to whether this Healthcare Bill will or will not contain government-funded abortion, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who is the Democrats’ chief deputy whip, says that there’s no doubt that the “last minute insertion” of the Stupak anti-abortion amendment to the House’s recently passed Healthcare Bill HR3962 will be stripped out when the bill comes back to the House in its final form from the Senate. 
The Liberal Democrats planned to use the Stupak amendment as only a ploy to appease the Moderate Democrats, and  snagged the single, turncoat Republican in the end who voted for the bill based primarily on that restriction to the bill.  These pro-abortion Democrats in the House knew they’d ultimately have another chance to get that government-funded abortion slipped back into the final healthcare bill.  You can look for it to happen most likely late at night, on the weekend and/or in the very late night hours with a super fast move to a final vote.
Now, you would think that those “moderates” who went ahead and voted for HR 3962 after the Stupak amendment would know that – I mean even I can see it coming!  But that, folks, is how Washington plays the game and all the members of Congress will feign “horror” at such a move when they’re in front of media cameras and microphones!   This is typical of so many maneuvers that are commonplace in Washington.  Both sides of the aisle play it, and the side that is not in power is always crying “foul” when these are used by the side that is in the majority.  Don’t you love hypocrisy?
I wish someone would make an exhaustive list of the tactical procedures and/or “playing instructions” (with all their twists and turns including terminology – or what I call politi-speak) to this Washington Game so the most ignorant American would have the opportunity to learn how to recognize it. Then people could contact their Congressmen and say, “Whoa! I know what you guys are up to. You’re doing this and that, and I don’t like it!”
Here are a few I’ve noticed: 
1.  After a meeting, never appear alone in front of cameras to make comments; having a crowd standing behind you adds credibility to your futility.
2.  Be vague when talking; never say anything in simple terms, stutter or stammer if you have to buy you “thinking time” to evade difficult questions and don’t give a direct answer – even better, change the subject.
3.  Never say what you mean; you might be held accountable.
4.  Coin a new phrase; it makes you sound so intelligent.
5.  Never refer to the Constitution as authority to cover your political view; it’s never there.
6.  Place all blame on the opposing party for the same tactics that you have used in the past to push your own agendas and make the opposition  look as ridiculous as you did when you espoused it.
And there are many more.  Start your own list.  You can share with me, if you like!
So, watch for what comes out of the Senate.  Let’s see how many pages are either taken out or added to this already hefty bill (at 4 reams of paper presently!)  Don’t forget to contact your Senators and let them know you’re tired of being lied to, you’re tired of back-room deals, you’re tired of pork, and that you won’t turn a blind eye to their shinanigans any more.  (Even Obama knows what THAT word is!)

Revisited: Stimulus, TARP, Clean Energy Act, etc. Now VAT

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This a repost because it has once again become timely.   Let me add my voice to that of others.  PAY ATTENTION!  THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE INCOME TAX.  IT’S AN ADDITIONAL TAX.  THIS IS A TAX ON GOODS THAT WE PURCHASE… AND IT’S A COMPOUNDED TAX AS THE PRODUCT ADVANCES THROUGH PRODUCTION STAGES!  That will increase the cost up to 20%. 

Now, please read on.

So, you think what you don’t know won’t hurt you?  That’s what the far-left legislators want you to believe as they “fundamentally change America”.

The American people are being treated like lambs led to the slaughter – or rather, the American way of life is being pushed and shoved toward the slaughter.  And in preparation for the finality of it all, everything that has made the United States unique as a nation is being quickly and systematically stripped from it.   Concerned citizens are organizing Tea Parties, some are writing blogs, some are talking to their neighbors and friends, and all are expressing their opinions under the same rights that PETA, an ultra far-left organization, uses against the poultry and beef industries – only without smearing fake blood or red paint on things and scaring small children who only want their Happy Meals. 

Conservative Americans, both morally and fiscally, are beginning to express their concern over the future of America.  They’re holding peaceful rallies of protest, carrying banners and handmade signs, and they’re contacting their representatives about their concerns on the issues that are reshaping or restructured our country toward the leftist’s position.  These citizens are voicing  their objections to the unethical practices of their own elected officials in Washington.   Those unethical actions include, in part, pushing huge  laws (literally and conceptually) through the legislative process in the most obscure and unprecedented ways possible, and often under the cloak of darkness, with the full intent of keeping the American people ignorant while this takes place.   What happened to the very detailed promise of transparency of the Obama Administration? 

Even the majority of the legislators don’t know exactly what are in the bills because most of them refuse to read them.  For example, a bill may be called a stimulus package, but within that bill are many amendments or sections that do not pertain to stimulating economy in any way, shape, or form.  And sometimes those inserted amendments have restrictions on certain freedoms we  have enjoyed or they may impose a new tax or cost to the taxpayer, or they may send millions of tax dollars to a particular lawmaker’s state or district for special projects to garner votes and political support.

Let’s take the $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Package.  In it was money for Sen. John Murtha’s (D-PA) airport renovation, which is an abomination!  The airport was given $800,000 of stimulus money for a new cross-wind runway.  (Three passengers a day!  And all to Washington DC!   How many new jobs did that create, and just who does that benefit?)   That’s just one example of the waste and little political favors payoffs that occur!  It’s our tax money and as taxpayers we should have a say on where our money goes; after all, that’s what our representatives and senators are for – to protect our interests.   

We, the people, have sent our representatives to Washington to look out for our interests.  However, they have forgotten their campaign promises and are no longer representing their constituency.  Instead they put party interests, pet projects, political favors, and partisan politics above the best interest of the American people and do not consider themselves accountable even to the people who elected them.   They have their own personal crusade to gain power, influence, and wealth as they continue  the “Washington as usual” politics and the American Democracy is falling down around our ears.

America is at an important crossroad at this point in its history.  It’s reputation is being quickly dissolved in the opinion of other nations because there is no integrity and  no honor in our President’s words any more.  If we do nothing to change what’s happening in Washington, the great nation of the United States will be unrecognizable before the passing of  this generation.   The jury is still out until November 2010 during which time we will see if the recent voices of the American people at the town hall meetings and at Tea Party rallies have been heard.  But the pressure on our representatives needs to be maintained, because there’s still a lot of time for more wholesale slaughter between now and then  — just look at what has happened over the past year.  Think about these things:

»  The House energy and global warming bill HR2454 was passed June 26, 2009. It consisted of more than 1,400 pages and was available online only 15 hours before being vote upon.  This bill is presently before the Senate and is projected to cost taxpayers up to $200 million per year.

»  The $789 billion stimulus bill was passed Feb. 14, 2009 and had over 400 pages.  It was available online only 13 hours before debate.

»  $700 billion financial sector rescue package, known as TARP 1, was passed Oct. 3, 2008.  It has 169 pages and was available online only 29 hours before voting took place.

»  The Baucus Bill on health care reform is reported to impose  nearly $2,000 per family annually just to cover the mandated cost.  And if you don’t take out insurance, you’ll pay nearly that amount in an imposed penalty.  It is presently being re-worked to include a version of public option – and this is being done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!  So, we won’t even see what they come up with before it goes to the House.

So, if you’re not sure how those bills that were passed in such a rush earlier this year will impact your life, you need to become aware – fully aware!  Even if the rich and the not so rich ponied up all their wealth, they wouldn’t have enough money to pay for those bills that have already passed.  And we’re still awaiting the outcome of the Clean Energy/Global Warming bill in the Senate and the Healthcare Reform Act to pass. 

If that wasn’t enough, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has gone on record as saying that a new tax is on the table to help America address these fiscal responsibilities.  (She is assuming that the healthcare bill will pass and that manufacturers will be required to include healthcare in their operating costs.)  Her proposal is  “a tax” called a VAT, a value added tax, to foreign manufacturing to level the playing field.   Only it doesn’t really.  The value added tax is a tax put on manufacturers at each stage of production and is based upon the amount of value another producer may add to a product.  Think about this:  most of what the US consumes is imported these days – produced elsewhere.  So those taxes on foreign companies will have costs that are directly passed on to you and to me.  The VAT on manufacturing and services will only drive up the costs on all consumer goods. Critics of VAT say that this tax disproportionately affects the middle- and low-income customers.  Whoa!  No taxes on middle class?  What happened to that promise?

Just so you know, it’s politi-speak.  That’s how they’re going to end up taking money out of your pocket even if you’re not among those who make more than $250,000.  No, it won’t be a straight forward “tax” on the individuals of the middle class, but by such taxes and restrictions on the manufacturing and producer of goods (and services) they take money straight out of your pocket at the consumer end.  It will also give the government more regulatory control over the manufacturers.

So, get ready.  You’re going to have to spend a whole lot more for goods and services – and real soon!

PolitiSpeak – Very Important to Know

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Several months ago, when I was awakened to how really bleak the future of our country had become, I felt totally helpless to do anything about it, but knew something had to be done before it was too late.  I wanted so badly to be able to make a difference, but I didn’t know where to start.  I started this blog simply as a way to “relieve” the pent up anger and angst that I was feeling with nearly every news report of TARP, Omnibus Package, Bank Bail out, AIG, GM and Chrysler.  The more I heard, the worse I felt and I had to “let it out” in some fashion.

Since I started this blog a couple months ago, I have been continually educating myself through research for my blogs and through other avenues.  I watched town hall meetings on television.  I went to a local tea party rally.  And even more intimidating to me, an apolitical person, I became a member of a new activist group who holds the same values and political views that I have, and whose members feel the same emotions.

I had not been aware that so many others had the same feelings that I was experiencing, not just in my town, but all across the country.  So now we all know that there is momentum in this conservative movement to regain the country and protect it for our children and future generations.  But we could be in danger of losing that momentum.  We have to learn that in order to get our point across, as a group or an individual, we must use words and phrases that the liberals, particularly those in government will hear.   They use their own terminology and spit out their politi-speak without ever engaging their brains.

“It’s not what you say; it’s what they hear.”  – Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research.

Nothing drove home the importance of using words and phrases that will be heard more clearly than when after enduring several grueling townhall meetings, Arlen Specter said on ABC’s This Week, “I think we have to bear in mind, that although those people need to be heard and have a right to be heard, that they are not really representative of America in my opinion.  We have to be careful here not to let those town meetings make the scene that influences what we do on health policy.”

Bless his ignorant heart!  I decided that I needed to learn about how to really be heard. So, this article will give you a few of the words and phrases that you should substitute in your way of speaking so that you will be able to get and to hold the attention of those who literally are holding your future in their hands.  These phrases are what are recommended by an expert wordsmith, Dr. Frank Luntz, in his books on this topic – Words that Work, and What America Really Wants… Really.  I recommend that you get and read these books for more information on how to communicate effectively with politicians and your liberals friends and family.  (Thank you, Dr. Luntz, for educating me to be a more effective communicator!)

These are terms that no longer are taken seriously by politicians.  They see your lips move, but because you’re using passe words, they don’t hear you.  So, by updating your terminology, you can be taken more seriously when speaking to politicians and liberals.  As an example of what Dr. Luntz says about updated terminology, here examples that were pulled from his Words that Work : 

  • A used car is now pre-owned vehicle.
  • A secretary is now an administrative assistant.
  • A stewardess is now a flight attendant.
  • Garbage removal is now sanitation services.
  • Gay marriage is now same-sex marriage.

Choose words that inspire action:

  • Instead of process, use progress.
  • Instead of strategy use step-by-step approach.

Common phrases that make a difference include the following:

  • Automobile manufacturers rather than automobile companies.
  • Fuel efficiency rather than fuel savings.

If you go to town halls or tea parties or to some other organized protest, arrive especially early and sit in the front.  If  you have the opportunity to speak or to ask a question, use terms like “as a mom” or “as a dad”, or “I regularly exercise my right to vote”, that gives validity to your position – and let children speak if they can. 

Simplicity is the most powerful way to communicate.  In fact, the more simple the better.  You will want to make your own signs.  Pre-printed ones are not taken seriously – even Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer mentioned that one (but ignored the ACORN and SEIU ones!).  Keep your message positive – and not negative –  because this keeps the left from having anything to use against the movement.  You should use some of these phrases on your signs:

  • “Why?” – and if asked about your sign.  Get them to explain their position.
  • “Accountability – Why not?”
  • “I have a right to be heard.”
  • “How much will it cost?”  Stop wasting my money.
  • “Who will $ for it?”
  • “Before you sign it – READ IT.”
  • “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
  • “The IRS, the Post Office, Katrina… now healthcare?

So, now you are getting an idea that the old way of speaking needs to be updated because these new words and phrases are the words the politicians and their liberal supporters are using.  If you continue using the old terms, you lose your credibility with them – as Mr. Specter suggested in his comment about the town halls!

More on the Healthcare Issue…

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a thought here:  Let’s say that the House and Senate can come up with a single plan and it goes to Obama and he signs it – with or without the public option.  How much do you think that Congress can change that healthcare program between now and 2013 when it actually takes effect?  The thought is more than I can comprehend just based on the “mind-boggling” actions Congress has done in passing these huge deficit inducing bills over the past year.

Right now there really isn’t a single healthcare plan.  There are at least five proposals out there right now.  Some pet aspects from each of the versions will have to be cut when they put the different versions together – but they will not be forgotten.  So, you could expect “disgruntled” Democrats to come back time and again to get those added to whatever version gets passed into law.  This scenario is not so far fetched with the healthcare plan that is being shoved through our Congress right now and given how much debate is going on – even within parties.   However, none of the proposed plans will contain the crucial elements that most Americans are adamant about – those being tort reform, capping drug and insurance costs, and cutting waste in Medicaid and Medicare. 

No one is saying that malpractice shouldn’t be litigated, but there should be some restrictions in place in such a way as to what constitutes frivolous lawsuits, time limits for litigation should also be shortened, and there should be caps placed on the awards.  Drug companies should not be allowed to rob US citizens in favor of citizens of other countries to make their businesses profitable.  The insurance companies should also be held accountable for running premiums costs up just to increase their bottom line.  Waste in the administration of Medicare and Medicaid and fraudulent claims should be addressed and dealt with, too.  And you know what?  If these things were added to the legislation, that would be real healthcare reform!